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The vision, dream and passion that spark an idea often fade due to the lack of direction and support required to sustain them.  The Amplifiers are changing that.


Through a strategic and intuitive process, we work directly with "visionaries" (our clients) as we "amplify the good" of their charitable work and brand. We strategize, design, execute and connect them to experts and to one another.


Learn more about the nonprofits we have  AMPLIFIED.

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Our team brings over two decades of nonprofit and philanthropic management experience to The Amplifiers.


Grounded in faith and committed to truly make an impact; efficiency, creativity and excellence are the core principles we bring to all that we do. 




Clients (our visionaries) invest a recurring monthly fee that includes access to all of the elements necessary to launch a non-profit.  We create a digital roadmap, and commit that if fully utilized, all clients will have a workable plan, website and marketing materials to move their idea to the next phase.


Through our innovative and proprietary scheduling app (available in the iTunes and Android markets) and powered by SetMore appointment software, clients literally "book" blocks of time with The Amplifiers based on their respective needs directly from their cell phones or computers. 

COMING SOON, a subscription based,

full-service approach to assist prospective visionaries 

codify and amplify their non-profit vision. 

The basic package provides 10 subscription "units" and visionaries are free to allocate and expend each unit on a specific service required (i.e, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Public Relations).  By the end of the initial 6-month period, the utilization of 60 units will guarantee a business or strategic plan, general marking materials and a fully functioning website. Additional units are purchased at a competitive rate.  There are  no contracts with visionaries, they are free to cancel at any time after the initial 30 day period. BE AMPLIFIED.

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