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“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”

Allen Ginsburg

We know that  your brand deserves a campaign built to grow your identity.  As it is delivered to your audience, your natural authenticity is well represented and focuses on what differentiates you and your work. This process is built by strategic consultation, collaboration, research and evaluation.


We work to identify strategic relationships and integrate them with unique programming ideas that not only introduce your brand to the general public, but also by training YOU to tell your story, while leveraging our comprehensive media database which include intimate contacts, outlets and editorial opportunities built through long-standing relationships.


We are well-versed in creating and maintaining an active presence on major social media sites, crafting and distributing press releases, giving clients a tailored social media strategy backed with marketing analysis and monitoring tools. With a savvy digital approach, The Amplifiers help organizations with storytelling and building a community of fans and followers while engaging in an authentic way. Take a look at a sampling of our PR and media successes for organizations small and large HERE.



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